Jenny Beggs | Birdhouse Design Artist

Contact Jenny at email:

I recall going for a walk and seeing the neighbours Bird house first gave me the idea to craft my own.  With the fall and winter keeping us indoors for long periods of time looking at birdhouses and feeders online.  I came up with my own unique idea for crafting one of a kind houses and feeders.  After crafting a few different ones and showing them to friends I got alot of very positive responses.  Then I began to think this hobby of mine could possibly turn into a small marketable business.  These houses are crafted from natural products such as fir bark, twigs stones, pebbles, pennies that are now out of circulation as well as shell casings and the houses and feeders are made of wood.  

Jenny is a very creative and talented artist, her birdhouse creations are cheery, colorful and she re-purposes various items.   Jenny currently has the three birdhouses pictured on display at the Rollin Art Centre.    


Cynthia Bonesky | Painter/Multi Medium Artist


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Contact Cynthia at email:  or Home: 250 724 1767


My name is Cynthia Bonesky. I am now retired and I finally have time to paint. I was very interested in painting and drawing as a child but I spent my adult years as a gymnastics coach and, later, as a teacher. I married and raised two daughters and my involvement in art was limited to crafts with my children for many years. When my daughters finally graduated from high school, I realized that I could take up painting. I had a room to work in and some time to myself. I was not in a position to go to art school so I became a “workshop junkie” for quite a few years.

I enjoy making all kinds of “art” whether playful or serious, in any one of a number of different mediums.  I have used water color, acrylic, pastels, pencil crayons, and oils. I have worked in collage and fiber art. I have done art work large and small. Whatever medium I work in, however, I always seem to come back to the human face/ figure as a subject. From my earliest start as an artist in my teens, I found painting faces to be the most fascinating and challenging of all subjects.

When I paint flowers or landscapes, I am interested in the light and the color and the texture.  The same is true when I paint people but there is the added dimension of the story that is behind every face. Who is this person and what are they thinking?  Why are they in this place? I think of great story tellers like Norman Rockwell who could compress a novel into one image. That inspires me every time I paint another face or figure. I want the viewer to see the person and enter into a “dialogue” with him/her.  If the image is strong enough, a story can emerge. Some part of their life is waiting to become part of the viewer’s life.


Rod Corraini | Multi Media Artist

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Contact Rodney through his email: or Phone: (250) 755-1926

Rodney Corraini was born and raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  He had started at a very early age to draw and paint.  He later attended art classes at the Vancouver Island University and the University of Victoria, graduating with a BAFA.

Mr. Corraini has mastered a variety of media.  Oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, encaustic, gouache, intaglio, screen printing, lithography, mono printing, oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil, charcoal, conte, bronze casting and many other forms of sculpture.

His themes range from seascapes, landscapes, still life, florals, social commentary, allegory, and satire.

His Artworks are texturally, compositionally and color theoretically complex. 

He has had shows in many venues over the thirty plus years of showing artwork in public.  To name a few:  The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Open Space (Victoria), the Nanaimo Art Gallery, The Old School House (Qualicum), The Oceanside Community Arts Council ( Parksville), The Gravel Bourg Arts Council (Saskatchewan), Dr.Vigari (Vancouver), Eclectica Gallery (Vancouver), and the Zephyr Gallery (Montreal).

Mr. Corraini’s works can be found in collections all over Canada, the United States, Italy, Sardinia, Great Britain, Holland, New Zealand, and Beijing China.


Diane Dobson | Jewelry Artist  

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Contact Diane at email: or                      Home (250) 724-1566

Facebook Page:

 I consider myself lucky to have lived my lifetime amid the natural beauty of the Alberni Valley. Through the years, I have pursued many creative avenues – painting, writing and stained glass, to name a few. It was three years ago that I discovered vintage  jewelry-making. I was hooked.

In my business, Nostalgia Vintage Jewelry, my goal is to recreate pieces of jewelry from vintage pieces, like those inherited from your grandmother or found in flea markets.  They may be broken and in disrepair but my challenge is to transform them into something new and wearable today. In a word, I am up-cycling. The process has proven to be rewarding.

The pursuit of jewelry-making , as with any creative endeavour, is a continual learning experience. I can foresee enjoying the quest for many years to come.

Diane Dobson


Chris Doman | Artist & printmaker


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CHRIS DOMAN was born in Anglesea North Wales and studied fine art at Hornsey College of Art (London, England), University of  Victoria (Victoria, Canada), and Institute Allende (San Miguel,Mexico).  Chris retired from teaching art in 1996 so he has been able to make art full time since then. Currently he has a painting and printmaking studio in Port Alberni, BC.  His prints evolved from glasswork where he used fragments of glass to form a whole by fusing them together in a kiln. Now using the printmaking process, images are cut out and glued down on a relief block to form the printing  surface (collagraph).  This method enables Chris to work in a "series", as one or more fragments can be used in multiple prints and so give continuity to a creative journey.

Chris lives in Port Alberni, BC with his partner Ann.  We are blessed with some wonderful First Nations artists who's work is inspiring and emotional.  Port Alberni has about 15 murals all over town.  Most of these were painted by two other local artists Walter Collins and Brad Piatka some years ago.  



Yolande Fournier | Potter

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Contact Yolande at email: or                            Phone: (250) 724-9991

Yolande was born in Vancouver and raised for the first eight years of her life in the small mill town of Wood Fiber. Originally the only way in and out of the community was by boat, which happened to be the sister ship of the Lady Rose. 

When she eventually planted roots in Port Alberni,  Yolande was reminiscent of her childhood on the boat. 

She had the opportunity to get into pottery, which she started in the 1970s out of curiousity. 

"I took a class at night school because it was popular," she said. "The first time I touched clay, I fell in love with it." When she down-sized eleven years ago to a trailer, she had a friend build a studio. 

"He told me to draw what I wanted and he would build it," she said. "We put up the first wall together." Another friend helped out by constructing an extruder from plans out of magazine from the 1970s. 

By the time she was fully equipped, she was ready for the first Days with the Arts. Starting out small, she used a sampling of her test mugs.

She said she is always learning and striving to do new things with her clay. Using both slabs and the wheel, Yolande creates everything from everyday items like mugs and dishes to wall-mounted plant sconces and decorations


Julian Growcott | Acrylic Painter

Contact Julian through his website at

Since childhood, Julian has had incredibly lucid dreams.  Dreams that are remembered vividly, and work in conjunction with childhood memories of England.

These memories and dreams, together, have inspired works you see before you.  Each of them is an image now realized in acrylics an artboard and canvas.

 Julian Growcott was born in England, immigrating to Canada with his family in the late 70’s. After high school in North Vancouver, Julian completed a Fine Arts Degree at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and has since been working in Graphic Design in Vancouver and Nanaimo, BC Canada

 In addition to his art background, Julian also completed a Bachelor of Music Diploma and has worked in various improvising ensembles in the lower Mainland.


Donna Hales | Pastel Artist

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Contact Donna through her email: or Home Phone (250) 248-8382

I’m a prairie girl, Born and raised in Moose Jaw – married and moved to Virden, Manitoba and raised two children.

Upon retiring from business we moved to Victoria and then to Sidney where my interest in art began.  I joined the S.P.A.C. in Sydney and took part in many shows at the Civic Centre.  Also my art hung in the Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

Next stop was Abbotsford and Mission.  I enjoyed the teachings of Gladys Murry.  Sales were quite brisk in those days. 

Last stop Summerland and joined the Pleasure Painters group.  They are still very active and I had successful shows in Penticton.

On the demise of my husband, I returned to the Island where most of my paintings are done in our Provincial Parks.  I have sold to many tourists from all over the world.


Brianna Harvey | Multi Medium Artist

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Contact Brianna through her Facbookpage:

Brianna grew up in Port Alberni and has been inspired by the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Vancouver Island. She uses a variety of mediums, including pencil, lampblack, acrylic paint, and watercolour. She has a mural at the Blue Marlin Inn, has done commissioned art pieces, and sold her artwork in galleries. She currently lives in Nanaimo and continues to explore art mediums and find new inspirations.


Dorothy Jarvis | Oil Painter

It is with great Sadness and a heavy heart that we report that our beloved Artist Dorothy passed away March 2017.  We would love for people to continue to enjoy the memory of her and her incredible artistic gifts through her website at

Dorothy Jarvis was born Tsimshian and Scottish and has been painting for over 20 years . Dorothy's style is rich in history with a signature colour palette giving her a consistency desired by her many collectors.

Dorothy's Tsimshian heritage has greatly influenced her style and technique. Her grandparents and mother were Tsimshian from the village of Port Simpson, in Northern B.C. It is because of her grandmother, Dorothy's visionary and story telling is seen in her artwork.

She is deeply moved by scenes of Aboriginal life and the spirits of the great totem poles. Although the earth has reclaimed may of these majestic poles, they live on in the paintings she produces. She continues to paint these scenes as she travels to Lax Kw alaams and the villages of the Tsimshian and Gitxsan.

Most recently Dorothy has painted in the villages along the Nass, Skeena and Bulkley Rivers.This trip was inspiring, sharing stories with The Nisga'a elders, learning their history and painting a small piece of their journey This summer Dorothy painted and was inspired by the Namgis village of Alert Bay.

Dorothy attended a pole blessing ceremony in Horseshoe Bay this past December. Her great uncle William Jeffrey carved the the totem pole, History of the Tsimshian, at the B.C. Ferry terminal. She was so moved by the ceremony. She is humbled to capture this masterpiece on canvas.

Dorothy's paintings are sought after from many collectors across Canada and and the U.S.A.


Shannon Kjernisted | Jewelery Artist 

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Contact Shannon at her email: or call (250) 723-7049 and at her Website

Brass Lass artisan jewelry is handcrafted with care and attention to detail for women who love unique handmade fashion accessories. All necklaces and earrings are crafted with the best quality materials available. Made with 100% lead and nickel free brass, each layered design is finished with copper, antique-gold brass or sterling silver.

Brass Lass is an all metal line featuring the technique cold fusion. Layers of different coloured brass, copper and sterling silver are riveted together to form delightful miniature vignettes. These handmade pendants are great fashion accessories that will go with everything.

After many great, successful years with my supplies shop it's time to get creative again. I'm having so much fun designing this new jewelry for Brass Lass. The technique of riveting is so addictive! Who knew you could have so much fun with a hammer!


Mae Leblanc | Watercolor Artist

Contact Mae at email or at her Home phone: (250) 724-5160

I was born and raised in Port Alberni.  After several tears in northern British Columbia and West Africa I returned to Port so my daughter could go the school and I'm still here.  An allergy to oil foiled initial attempts at painting but in 1982 a local artist's work in watercolour was the inspiration to pick up the brushes again.  

I was fortunate at a Salt Spring Seminar to be introduced to 'pouring' and this released me from the structured world of "now I will paint...".  I paint what I see or feel in a pouring and often things I would never have attempted earlier.  Pouring has led me to figures, fancies, birds and occasionally back to flowers.  The ebb and flow of paint combined with water present endless opportunities.  I will try to paint most anything and sketch books have travelled the world with me.  I hope you have as much fun viewing as I did painting.  My house and studio are alive with colourful works.  

While retired I continue to enjoy my family, garden, dancing, golf, travel and the grandchildren.  My studio is located very close to Highway 4


Penny Marshall | Photographer

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Contact Penny at 1-(250) 757-8764

Penny Marshall is from Qualicum Bay, BC and is a photographer who has lived in the Qualicum area for quite a number of years now.

She enjoys travelling all over Vancouver Island especially on the west coast where she takes some amazing nature shots.


Karen Poirier | Painter/Author

Contact Karen at email:


I paint mainly in watercolor however do enjoy working in graphite and acrylics as well.  I have painted many landscapes and house portraits but the bulk of my work is inspired by the abundant flowers in our garden.  My studio overlooks our garden and downstairs the walls of my gallery are filled with paintings.  I was thrilled last month when I was awarded associate signature status in the Federation of Canadian Artists.  

      I like to paint flowers for different reasons.  Some are auto biographical, some are visual metaphors and some are just plain fun.  The circle paintings of flowers were both challenging and enjoyable.  The challenge was to incorporate a design in both color and line that would flow and complement the original image in a pleasing and cohesive way.  I love to include in my paintings elements that tell a story.  Some of my house paintings evolved into designs that spoke beyond the surface details.  My latest series are mandelas, an art form I fell in love with on a winter vacation in Yuma, Arizona.  I love the design aspect of them as well as the invitation to incorporate symbols and shapes that become visual poetry.


Ingrid Pongratz | Visual Artist: Encaustic/Mixed Media

After many years of living in Canada's heartland, Ingrid followed her dream to the west coast. Born in Nuremberg, Germany she has employed her wanderlust to explore breathtaking nooks around the globe. While appreciative of different cultures, it was the outdoors, oceans and beaches with which she felt most in sync.  A passionate beachcomber, she finds a sense of wonder in naturally worked elements, like driftwood, or mystery entombed in marine debris.  While Ingrid has dabbled with most art mediums her entire life, the ancient art of encaustics, painting with hot beeswax, is her passion. The warm smell, the versatility of the fluid medium, is a good fit for her personality. Starting in 2013, Ingrid’s curiosity in the medium deepened through enhanced training at  CanwaxWest, Penticton, winning emerging artist award, 2016; Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts; Salt Spring Island; and Saanich. Ingrid  lives and works as an artist in British Columbia. 


Linda Ross | Oil Painter

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Contact Linda at Email: or Phone: (250) 723-1938 or Cel: (250) 735-4614

Linda's imagination captured in oil on canvas- each thrive and gain inspiration from living on the coast in such a wonderful environment. "

LINDA ROSS - Oil Paintings “Wet on Wet Method”

As a child I longed to be an artist or a dancer.  I was never without a piece of paper and pencil, constantly drawing right through to high school majoring in art.  However in order to earn a living, I attended Business College and then married and had three children.  My husband was a musician so my creative

energies turned to music and Singing.  Upon retiring to Vancouver Island for yet another adventure in life.

 I often watched Bob Ross on TV and loved his painting technique using the fast ‘wet on wet’ method!  A local artist friend Vi McConnell, was certified through Bill Alexander who developed this method & actually taught it to Bob Ross.  She began to teach this method 3 years ago and I was thrilled to be one of her first students.  Finally I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream in my ‘golden years’ by painting all manner of subjects; scenery,

animals, still life, flowers, even our grandchildren. I observe my surroundings differently, become totally absorbed.  Quite simply, I just love it!


Bill Townsend | Intarsia Wood Artist


Contact Bill through his Email:

I started woodworking about 25 years ago, building furniture and a number of odds and ends.My furniture projects are scattered across Canada and have shipped a bedroom suite as far away as   England.All my furniture has been made from solid Oak as I find it to be very stable and easy to work with.

About 15 years ago I added Wood Art to my     woodworking projects and have completed about 300 pieces to date. I have pieces of Wood Art all over Canada, the U.S.A. and a few pieces as far away as England.

Wood Art is a very time consuming type of woodwork as every piece is cut free hand, shaped by hand and sanded by hand, but the finished product is very rewarding when it all comes together.Wood Art can be completely flat or elevated in stages so that the project can be contoured to provide a dimensional affect for such things as animal &    people faces.

Finding the correct wood is half the battle, you look for color, grain, pattern or design in the wood.The wood used is Cedar and Pine all in a variety of their natural colors.

There is no limit to what can be made from wood, people, animals, scenery, cartoon characters etc.I have provided a variety of pieces in hopes of    meeting all interests.This type of Art is known as Intarsia.

What is Intarsia, the name Intarsia literally means “ A Mosaic in Wood “ it is also referred to as “Painting in Wood “Any imperfections are characteristic of the handmade nature of these products.