Coastal Flow | Glass Co.

Michelle Frost  


Coastal Flow Glass Co. is the working studio of artist and creator Michelle Frost.  Michelle's primary focus is warm or kiln formed glass. She uses both traditional art glass and what she calls "reloved glass."  "Glass is a medium that allows me to push the boundaries" Michelle's style is eclectic and ever expanding. She creates beautiful art pieces such as dramatic waves, abstract melts and windchimes. She also has a passion for bringing beauty to day-to-day functional items through her lighting, cabinet hardware, plates and bowls.

Returning to home to Port Alberni after 28 years, Michelle has opened a beautiful studio on Victoria Quay. She has bundled together a few of her savvy skills and ideas to share with those who are looking to expand their creative abilities and have a whole lotta fun in the process. This season Michelle will be offering a variety of workshops exploring fused glass, painted ceramics, reloved glass, painting and perhaps even a little lighting.  

Michelle Frost

Coastal Flow Glass Co.

#4 - 4505 Victoria Quay

Port alberni BC V9Y 6G2



Cynthia Bonesky | Painter/Multi Medium Artist

 Cynthia Bonesky

250 724 1767

My name is Cynthia Bonesky. I am now retired and I finally have time to paint. I was very interested in painting and drawing as a child but I spent my adult years as a gymnastics coach and, later, as a teacher. I married and raised two daughters and my involvement in art was limited to crafts with my children for many years. When my daughters finally graduated from high school, I realized that I could take up painting. I had a room to work in and some time to myself. I was not in a position to go to art school so I became a “workshop junkie” for quite a few years.

I enjoy making all kinds of “art” whether playful or serious, in any one of a number of different mediums.  I have used water color, acrylic, pastels, pencil crayons, and oils. I have worked in collage and fiber art. I have done art work large and small. Whatever medium I work in, however, I always seem to come back to the human face/ figure as a subject. From my earliest start as an artist in my teens, I found painting faces to be the most fascinating and challenging of all subjects.

When I paint flowers or landscapes, I am interested in the light and the color and the texture.  The same is true when I paint people but there is the added dimension of the story that is behind every face. Who is this person and what are they thinking?  Why are they in this place? I think of great story tellers like Norman Rockwell who could compress a novel into one image. That inspires me every time I paint another face or figure. I want the viewer to see the person and enter into a “dialogue” with him/her.  If the image is strong enough, a story can emerge. Some part of their life is waiting to become part of the viewer’s life.


Andrea Cole | Mixed Media/Oil Artist

Andrea Cole

(250) 735-4473

Andrea was born on Vancouver Island, raised in Campbell River and moved to Port Alberni in 1999.  She studied art in Nelson BC and took computer graphics at North Island college.  Andrea spent a couple of years working in a theatre prop company in Ottawa painting props and back drops.  She works with mixed media but her favorite is oil on canvas.  Andrea says her inspiration comes from life experience, her love of the wildnerness especially the wild west coast.


Rod Corraini | Multi Media Artist

Rodney Corraini

(250) 755-1926

Rodney Corraini was born and raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  He had started at a very early age to draw and paint.  He later attended art classes at the Vancouver Island University and the University of Victoria, graduating with a BAFA.

Mr. Corraini has mastered a variety of media.  Oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, encaustic, gouache, intaglio, screen printing, lithography, mono printing, oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil, charcoal, conte, bronze casting and many other forms of sculpture.

His themes range from seascapes, landscapes, still life, florals, social commentary, allegory, and satire.

His Artworks are texturally, compositionally and color theoretically complex. 

He has had shows in many venues over the thirty plus years of showing artwork in public.  To name a few:  The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Open Space (Victoria), the Nanaimo Art Gallery, The Old School House (Qualicum), The Oceanside Community Arts Council ( Parksville), The Gravel Bourg Arts Council (Saskatchewan), Dr.Vigari (Vancouver), Eclectica Gallery (Vancouver), and the Zephyr Gallery (Montreal).

Mr. Corraini’s works can be found in collections all over Canada, the United States, Italy, Sardinia, Great Britain, Holland, New Zealand, and Beijing China.


Diane Dobson | Jewelry Artist  

Diane Dobson

(250) 724-1566                 

Facebook Page:

 I consider myself lucky to have lived my lifetime amid the natural beauty of the Alberni Valley. Through the years, I have pursued many creative avenues – painting, writing and stained glass, to name a few. It was three years ago that I discovered vintage  jewelry-making. I was hooked.

In my business, Nostalgia Vintage Jewelry, my goal is to recreate pieces of jewelry from vintage pieces, like those inherited from your grandmother or found in flea markets.  They may be broken and in disrepair but my challenge is to transform them into something new and wearable today. In a word, I am up-cycling. The process has proven to be rewarding.

The pursuit of jewelry-making , as with any creative endeavour, is a continual learning experience. I can foresee enjoying the quest for many years to come.

Diane Dobson


Darran Chaisson | Photographer


Darran Chaisson

(250) 765-7981

Darran has been enthralled with photography for as long as he can remember. “I remember saving up to go out and buy film for my first camera. It's unfortunate I didn't have enough money at the time to get them developed, so who knows what was on those early film rolls”.

Fast-forwarding many years, Darran had a time in front of the lens as a sports model for some great photographers such as Mike Tittel and Kevin Annala, but found he was more satisfied being behind the camera looking out. 

Now living on Vancouver Island in Port Alberni, Darran is pursuing his passion with fine art photography. He is fortunate to be living in an area that never ceases to amaze him with the brilliance, liveliness, and diversity that is the West Coast of Canada's Rain Forest. 

Darran is an internationally recognized and award winning professional photographer. Being a self taught photographer and photo editor/retouche and has learned the ins and outs of his craft and business through countless long hours of trial and error as well as mentorship with high end Pros throughout North America and the UK.

His primary focus is Fine Art Landscape imagery and Fine Art Portraits, while at the same time continuing to work on creative conceptualization for both photo decor and for client directed commission work.



Yolande Fournier | Potter

Yolande Fournier                            

 (250) 724-9991

Yolande was born in Vancouver and raised for the first eight years of her life in the small mill town of Wood Fiber. Originally the only way in and out of the community was by boat, which happened to be the sister ship of the Lady Rose. 

When she eventually planted roots in Port Alberni,  Yolande was reminiscent of her childhood on the boat. 

She had the opportunity to get into pottery, which she started in the 1970s out of curiousity. 

"I took a class at night school because it was popular," she said. "The first time I touched clay, I fell in love with it." When she down-sized eleven years , she had a friend build a studio. 

"He told me to draw what I wanted and he would build it," she said. "We put up the first wall together." Another friend helped out by constructing an extruder from plans out of magazine from the 1970s. 

By the time she was fully equipped, she was ready for the first Days with the Arts. Starting out small, she used a sampling of her test mugs.

She said she is always learning and striving to do new things with her clay. Using both slabs and the wheel, Yolande creates everything from everyday items like mugs and dishes to wall-mounted plant sconces and decorations


Linda Lenson | Multi Media Painter

Linda Lenson



My name is Linda Lenson, this is my first ever application to exhibit some of my work.  I hope you will bear with me if I have not filled everything exact.

I work in acrylics, some water colour and do ink drawings.  I am mostly an impressionist painter.  I am a self-taught painter, and have painted with a friend who is an artist/graphic artist.

I started painting many years ago when doing woodworking, things for the Grandchildren and furniture refinishing which I still do at times.  I also do cement leaves for the garden or walk ways.  After a few years I decided to move to canvas painting and have been doing this ever since.

Artists statement:

To give people happiness of art that is all around them. Art is a calming presence to be enjoyed, where ever you may be.


Gloria Myers | Multi Medium Artist

Gloria Myers

(250) 724 - 5038

I was born in Italy, raised in Edmonton and moved to Port Alberni with my family in 1972. I fell in love with the islands beauty and spent a lot of time hiking and camping. Through the years I took many photos.

 Twenty years later I tried my hand at painting from the photo that I had taken. Almost all my paintings are of areas around the island.

Just recently I have branched out into fabric art. My second hobby is sewing and fabric art is a combination of two things that I like to do most.


Shannon Kjernisted | Jewelery Artist 

Shannon Kjernisted

 (250) 723-7049

Brass Lass artisan jewelry is handcrafted with care and attention to detail for women who love unique handmade fashion accessories. All necklaces and earrings are crafted with the best quality materials available. Made with 100% lead and nickel free brass, each layered design is finished with copper, antique-gold brass or sterling silver.

Brass Lass is an all metal line featuring the technique cold fusion. Layers of different coloured brass, copper and sterling silver are riveted together to form delightful miniature vignettes. These handmade pendants are great fashion accessories that will go with everything.

After many great, successful years with my supplies shop it's time to get creative again. I'm having so much fun designing this new jewelry for Brass Lass. The technique of riveting is so addictive! Who knew you could have so much fun with a hammer!


Mae Leblanc | Watercolor Artist

Mae Leblanc

(250) 724-5160


I was born and raised in Port Alberni.  After several tears in northern British Columbia and West Africa I returned to Port so my daughter could go the school and I'm still here.  An allergy to oil foiled initial attempts at painting but in 1982 a local artist's work in watercolour was the inspiration to pick up the brushes again.  

I was fortunate at a Salt Spring Seminar to be introduced to 'pouring' and this released me from the structured world of "now I will paint...".  I paint what I see or feel in a pouring and often things I would never have attempted earlier.  Pouring has led me to figures, fancies, birds and occasionally back to flowers.  The ebb and flow of paint combined with water present endless opportunities.  I will try to paint most anything and sketch books have travelled the world with me.  I hope you have as much fun viewing as I did painting.  My house and studio are alive with colourful works.  

While retired I continue to enjoy my family, garden, dancing, golf, travel and the grandchildren.  My studio is located very close to Highway 4


Penny Marshall | Photographer

Penny Marshall

1-(250) 757-8764

Penny Marshall is from Qualicum Bay, BC and is a photographer who has lived in the Qualicum area for quite a number of years now.

She enjoys travelling all over Vancouver Island especially on the west coast where she takes some amazing nature shots.


Kim McLennan | Acrylics


  Kim McLennan

Kim is currently living on Vancouver Island where she finds her inspiration for her art in the beauty that surrounds her .  It has only been recently that she has been able to dedicate her time to her art, and primarily paints in acrylics, though she is always open and eager to explore other mediums and new techniques.  Kim has some formal arts education starting with a focus on commercial application, then moving on to focus in fine art. 

Kim may not have been able to dedicate all of her time to her art, but has always kept a foot in the arts scene whenever possible. She has been Executive Director of a community Arts Council and Centre as well as board member for a few other councils and an art gallery.  Kim has juried and curated several shows in a variety of venues.  She was part of the management team for an arts cooperative and created Art 4 Wellness a company dedicated to helping others through creative exploration. 

Over the years Kim has painted when able and has always had a passion for wildlife and the ocean, which is the theme in most of her current work.  Kim enjoys painting her subject in a realistic style,  she is also excited by abstract work and has been exploring the many creative possibilities this style of painting offers the creative spirit.


Shelley Penner | Acrylic Artist

Shelley Penner.jpg

 Shelley Penner

Born in 1952 in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Shelley showed an interest in art from an early age. That interest soon grew into a passion for creativity of all kinds and eventually led her to enroll in the Emily Carr College of Art. She joined the Federation of Canadian Artists in the early 80"s, and over the next few years, studied with many well known artists during the Federation’s annual week long summer workshops.

While her paintings on stone plaques have become her bread-and-butter work, she also paints with acrylics on canvas and a variety of other surfaces.


Karen Poirier | Painter/Author

Karen Poirier

I paint mainly in watercolor however do enjoy working in graphite and acrylics as well.  I have painted many landscapes and house portraits but the bulk of my work is inspired by the abundant flowers in our garden.  My studio overlooks our garden and downstairs the walls of my gallery are filled with paintings.  I was thrilled last month when I was awarded associate signature status in the Federation of Canadian Artists.  

I like to paint flowers for different reasons.  Some are auto biographical, some are visual metaphors and some are just plain fun.  The circle paintings of flowers were both challenging and enjoyable.  The challenge was to incorporate a design in both color and line that would flow and complement the original image in a pleasing and cohesive way.  I love to include in my paintings elements that tell a story.  Some of my house paintings evolved into designs that spoke beyond the surface details.  My latest series are mandelas, an art form I fell in love with on a winter vacation in Yuma, Arizona.  I love the design aspect of them as well as the invitation to incorporate symbols and shapes that become visual poetry.


Ingrid Pongratz | Visual Artist: Encaustic/Mixed Media

Ingrid Pongratz


After many years of living in Canada's heartland, Ingrid followed her dream to the west coast. Born in Nuremberg, Germany she has employed her wanderlust to explore breathtaking nooks around the globe. While appreciative of different cultures, it was the outdoors, oceans and beaches with which she felt most in sync.  A passionate beachcomber, she finds a sense of wonder in naturally worked elements, like driftwood, or mystery entombed in marine debris.  

While Ingrid has dabbled with most art mediums her entire life, the ancient art of encaustics, painting with hot beeswax, is her passion. The warm smell, the versatility of the fluid medium, is a good fit for her personality.

Starting in 2013, Ingrid’s curiosity in the medium deepened through enhanced training at  CanwaxWest, Penticton, winning emerging artist award, 2016; Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts; Salt Spring Island; and Saanich. Ingrid  lives and works as an artist in British Columbia. 


Sue Thomas |Drawing & Painting

profile photo.jpg

Sue Thomas

(250) 724-4424

Drawing and painting have come in and out of my life for as long as I can remember.

As a young child I was fortunate to have guided lessons from time to time. I was fascinated by the uniqueness of people, so I was constantly doodling and sketching them. I was also fortunate to have a father who liked to paint, so we would occasionally sit down together and create something in watercolour. Years passed, and day to day life got in the way of creativity. With the exception of one watercolour class, I didn't paint or draw for years.

In 2004 I picked up the brush and tried my hand at oils. Now I cannot imagine my life without painting new works. Subject matter includes animals, people, still life, landscapes and also some abstract. I really enjoy being outside and the challenge of painting nature because it is so randomly perfect and the subject matter is endless. 

I consider myself a perpetual student still at the novice stage, and hope to continue developing personalized  techniques by attending workshops, life drawing and taking classes from Artists of all genres.

Currently painting in a part-time capacity, I consider my paintings a journey to no fixed address or final destination. Since techniques and interests are constantly morphing, I don't consider myself as having developed a 'style'. I view my paintings as an expression of my own evolution. Subject matters that may have interested me five years ago may be becoming redundant for me now. Piqued by abstract, portraiture and palette knife technique these days, I'm currently focusing on those types of work. 


Janice Sheehan |Printmaking & Drawing

Janice Sheehan.JPG

Janice Sheehan

Born in Portland, Oregon 1950.  

Moved to Canada in 1965 with my parents and siblings.

Graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in l978, studying film animation and printmaking.

Finished a BA in English at SFU in 1982.

Completed a BFA at UBC in 1988, in printmaking and drawing.


Bill Townsend | Intarsia Wood Artist


Bill Townsend

I started woodworking about 25 years ago, building furniture and a number of odds and ends.My furniture projects are scattered across Canada and have shipped a bedroom suite as far away as   England.All my furniture has been made from solid Oak as I find it to be very stable and easy to work with.

About 15 years ago I added Wood Art to my     woodworking projects and have completed about 300 pieces to date. I have pieces of Wood Art all over Canada, the U.S.A. and a few pieces as far away as England.

Wood Art is a very time consuming type of woodwork as every piece is cut free hand, shaped by hand and sanded by hand, but the finished product is very rewarding when it all comes together.Wood Art can be completely flat or elevated in stages so that the project can be contoured to provide a dimensional affect for such things as animal &    people faces.

Finding the correct wood is half the battle, you look for color, grain, pattern or design in the wood.The wood used is Cedar and Pine all in a variety of their natural colors.

There is no limit to what can be made from wood, people, animals, scenery, cartoon characters etc.I have provided a variety of pieces in hopes of    meeting all interests.This type of Art is known as Intarsia.

What is Intarsia, the name Intarsia literally means “ A Mosaic in Wood “ it is also referred to as “Painting in Wood “Any imperfections are characteristic of the handmade nature of these products.




Samm Moore | Mixed Media

Samm Moore

Samm Moore is a multimedia artist graduate with a BFA in Film/Video and Integrated Media at Emily Carr University in Vancouver in 2017. Moore’s practice includes drawing, painting and video. Born in Banff AB and raised on Vancouver Island, much of her inspiration comes from her surrounding environments of the mountains and the ocean. She is currently living in Nelson B.C.

On Art

As a student over the past years I’ve worked with traditional 2D medium as well as contemporary practices in an attempt to expand my works diversity. I often use high contrast and vibrant colours and regularly gravitate towards realism in an exciting modern style. I try to include an element of mystery in my pieces, leaving them open for the viewers own interpretation.

As an artist, I am interested in using a variety of different media in my work from traditional drawing and painting to the digital arts, such as sound and video. My passion is driven from my inner exploration, as my concepts and subject matter tend to revolve around my personal experiences. I am curious about human nature and instincts and interested in how modernism has come to effect our present-day society and the need for escapism. 



Vittoria Doughty | Metal Art


Vittoria Doughty

Vittoria Doughty was born in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Vittoria focuses on the medium of metal sculpture and works at her studio on Sproat Lake. 

Being primarily self-taught, Vittoria studied both the classic masters and contemporary artists for stylistic knowledge and creative influence.  

Initially, Vittoria began her artistic career in two dimensional mediums of painting and drawing, first introduced to her by her grandfather.  Overtime, Vittoria’s artwork evolved to three dimensional work and metal sculpture.  This transition was inspired by her husband Gary`s technical precision and skill as a machinist.

Vittoria's sculptures form part of private collections across British Columbia.  


Kelly Deakin | Pyrographic Artist

1 (250) 266 - 2214

Wood burning is Kelly’s passion with endless resources of artist conks and a variety of wood products that she sources out in her area. She continually finds new ideas and inspiration in the outdoor world that surrounds her natural way of life. Because Kelly works with natural canvas’s she incorporates the natural flaws of the canvas’ into her work. “There is nothing as creative as the flaws of nature”

Kelly is a member, employee and active volunteer with the Pacific Rim Arts Society, member of the Port Alberni Arts Council, Alberni Art Rave and the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Kelly has sold pieces around the globe enhancing her vision of “Sharing her Passion with the World, One piece of Art at a Time”

Some of her work is available at in Ucluelet, British Columbia Canada as well as on her website  



Patti Dance | Quilting & Fabric Arts

Patti Dance

Patti Dance considers herself to be a contemporary art quilter.  She began as a self taught quilter, but soon realized that her personal style could be better developed if she took advantage of the numerous learning opportunities available for quilters…

In both 2015 and 2016, Patti has had art quilts juried into the Sidney Fine Arts Show on Vancouver Island.  She has had pieces accepted into the Canadian Quilter’s Association (CQA) National Juried Shows in 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  In 2016 she was recognized with a 3rd place finish in the Critters Art Quilt category.  In 2012, she was awarded 1st place in the “Originally Interpreted Traditional Wall Quilt” category. In 2017 she was awarded first place in the Modern Quilting category.

Patti has had an art quilt, Lone Wolf, selected to be a part of a travelling exhibit titled “O Canada” which went to quilt shows in Cincinnati, Long Beach, and Houston.  She has had one previous solo show in 2007 at the Rollin Art Centre in Port Alberni, B.C., and will be having a second solo show in 2017 at The Old School House Gallery and Arts Centre in Qualicum Beach, B.C.


Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier | Painting & Drawing


Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier - Chii-ilth-oom-qua:

“Pulling forward with all of her knowledge”



As a Tseshaht artist & mother, my work brings a distinct voice that expressing deep family teachings and values justaposed with popular culture and current issues. Influenced by  my community values, by Tseshaht painter/activist George Clutesi and the many indigenous artists past and present; I hope to convey the strong sense of ingenuity, imagination, and resilience of Nuu-chah-nulth. Primarily focusing on painting and illustration, I am constantly inspired by the stories of my community of resilience of it’s people & it’s culture while bring forward the best of our complex contemporary world.

 100-word Project Summary:

 Through painting and drawing, I will create a body of work that explores a thematic framework of “The Stories of Our Land” creating connections between the ideas and uses of Tseshaht Traditional territory (ha’houlthii). Our identities are strongly shaped by: deep connection to places of origin, stories of where we come from, and who we can be when we reflect upon the possibilities of the wisdom of our ancestral past. “The Stories of Our Land” is about reinvigorating the known, and revealing the unseen layers of the past that are held by geography, place names and stories.


Brianna Arthur| Pencil, Lampblack, Acrylic & Watercolour


Brianna Arthur

Brianna grew up in Port Alberni and has been inspired by the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Vancouver Island. She uses a variety of mediums, including pencil, lampblack, acrylic paint, and watercolour. She has a mural at the Blue Marlin Inn, has done commissioned art pieces, and sold her artwork in galleries. She currently lives in Nelson and continues to explore art mediums and find new inspirations.



Rachel Rose| painter/ writer/Musician/ adventure photographer & mom

Rachel Rose


Ocean Valley Ink

2974 Third Ave

Port Alberni, 

V9Y 2A7


Rachel Rose was made in BC but was born in Niagara Falls Canada. Her soul did not find its way home until 2008 when Rachel made Vancouver Island her home. She is the owner and Main artist at Ocean Valley Ink on third Ave in Port Alberni.   

Rachel Rose is also a painter, writer, Musician, adventure photographer, and mom. She also enjoys surfing and all things magick, music and art. Rachel has been doing body art since 1999 it is her passion healing others with art.

Turning Pain into beauty 6 days a week.