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Artist Meet & Greet Samm Moore

Artist Statement

Over the recent years, I’ve dedicated my full focus and time to pyrography. I feel a
connection working with a natural element, as it is what I am often depicting. Most of my work is in relation to either the mountains or the ocean, along with all the creatures that come with it. This is driven from my inner exploration and personal experiences, generally relating to what makes me feel content and inspired.

Being surrounded by such environments has become a vital part of who I am as a person, and who I surround myself with. This directly relates to my practice and the concepts I work with. With my art, I hope to convey my thoughts and values on our environments, the importance that they place, and the difficulties that may be approaching for them. In this time of uncertainty, we need to protect our natural resources and be considerate of the living creatures we share this planet with. I hope that my work will help others to see the beauty in our natural work and feel inspired to protect and support it.

My practice has taken many different forms over the years, and just recently have I felt certain about which path I want to take. My passion for pyrography and unwavering and fits perfectly with my subject matter. Drawing inspiration from my surroundings has made my art engaging and relatable. I look forward to exploring new avenues and perspectives as I, and the world around me, continue to evolve.

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