Mystery McCarthy

LOCATION: Rollin Art Centre

Mystery Mc Carthy is holding an exhibit at The Grove art center. Come see her fascinating mystery oil paintings. She will be hosting a meet & greet on Saturday, Sept 17th, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Where & When

Tue, Sep 13, 2022 - Sat, Oct 8, 2022
Rollin Art Centre 3061 8th Ave. Port Alberni

Artist Statement

Painting is the key to the secret garden, a doorway to a magical and mysterious place. My deepest wish is that my paintings will evoke a shared sense of wonder, and a feeling of mystery. Darkest colours explore the depths of shadows, and then withdraw to reveal soft light. In my shadowy world sometimes there are birds, people, ghosts, demons, and otherworldly beings. I believe that there is mystery and magic everywhere, sometimes where it is
least expected. Through the delicate play of dark and light, my heart finds the mysterious and beautiful. I paint under the pseudonym of Mystery.

About Mystery

Mystery was born in the small city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1973. While in her early twenties, Mystery educated herself by way of self imposed study using reference library material on the subject of art history and traditional painting technique, and has been honing her skills over many years of practice as a professional artist. She received certification from two local colleges, and worked for some years as a professional horticulturalist
and landscape designer. Through this time she managed to follow her passion, painting when she could find time, while raising two sons on her own. Oil paint has always been her preferred choice of mediums. In recent years she has switched from painting on stretched canvases to painting on wood panels. Her education has proven beneficial in painting, as she can apply her horticultural knowledge of trees, plants, and flowers towards painting them in a convincing manner in landscapes. For the past decade her paintings have been displayed in art shows in and around the city of Victoria, BC. She is currently living and working in Port Alberni, BC, Canada as a full time professional artist.

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