Bill Townsend

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I started woodworking with building furniture and odds and ends.  My furniture has been made from solid Oak and have pieces all over Canada and even England.  I added Wood Art to my projects and have completed over 300 pieces to date. 

Wood Art is very time consuming as every piece is cut free hand, shaped by hand and sanded by hand, but the finished product is very rewarding when it all comes together.  Wood Art can be completely flat or elevated in stages so that the project can be contoured to provide a dimensional effect for such things as  animals and people's faces.

Finding the correct wood is half the battle, I look for colour, grain, pattern or design in the wood.  The wood used is Cedar and Pine all in a variety of their natural colours.  This type of Art is known as Intarsia, which literally means "a Mosaic in Wood" or "Painting in Wood".  Any imperfections are characteristic of the handmade nature of these products.

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