Jaqueline Price

Jaqueline Price

Portraiture, Photography, Illustrations

When I was younger, I have always had a passion for seeing all things. When I was 14, I was drawing portraits for others. Over the years I have continued educating myself in the field of Arts. Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Computers, Painting, and Teaching others to see with their eyes.

Each day I find a way to learn another way to complete my artwork. My photography has helped me acquire all the photos I need to help me paint, draw and or create. You're always learning! Today I love Painting the Birds and Fauna and continue portraitures to this day. We still have our family and our time together, but I still take the time to refresh and create.

Contact Information for Jaqueline Price

Email: jpillustration@gmail.com
Phone: (604) 418-9654

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