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Coastal Flow Glass Co.

Coastal Flow Glass Co. is the working studio of artist and creator Michelle Frost. Michelle's primary focus is warm or kiln-formed glass. She uses both traditional art glass and what she calls "reloved glass." "Glass is a medium that allows me to push the boundaries" Michelle's style is eclectic and ever-expanding. She creates beautiful art pieces such as dramatic waves, abstract melts, and windchimes. She also has a passion for bringing beauty to day-to-day functional items through her lighting, cabinet hardware, plates, and bowls.

Returning home to Port Alberni after 28 years, Michelle has opened a beautiful studio on Victoria Quay. She has bundled together a few of her savvy skills and ideas to share with those who are looking to expand their creative abilities and have a whole lotta fun in the process. This season Michelle will be offering a variety of workshops exploring fused glass, painted ceramics, reloved glass, painting, and perhaps even a little lighting.

Contact Information for Michelle Frost

Website: http://coastalflowglassco.com
Email: michelle@michellefrost.com
Phone: (250) 415-7646

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